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Published on August 11, 2019 |
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As electric vehicles continue to move in the mainstream, more owners and accessories are looking to make their vehicles look and work in ways that better suit their personalities. EV Items *, a company created by a former Tesla employee and current Tesla owner, has built an impressive selection of affordable accessories for Tesla Model 3, S and X that offer owners new options to customize their rides without breaking the bank .

For example, their Model 3 wireless Qi charger is only $ 59.99, compared to other options that will set you back more than $ 100 for a similar device, including Tesla's own cordless charger for $ 125. [19659007] Image Credit: EV Articles

Other offers provide added benefits in the spacious Tesla Model 3 center console. Their Premium Vegan Center Console Storage Cubby gives owners a safe place to place smaller items like sunglasses or loose shifts without having to worry about where it might end up after the next zero to sixty launch on the highway. The small board comes in black or a bright red for those looking for a little more pop in the interior. EV Items are not just for Tesla Model 3 owners, they also have a complete line of products for Model X and Model S, including a cubby tray that helps owners make better use of the difficult shelf under the display.

Image credit: EV Items

When we talk about the center console and its fingerprint magnetic finish, EV Items creates a vinyl cover that allows the owners to cast one of a handful of vinyl colors over the high gloss factory black. Give the center console a satin black, satin white, black or white carbon fiber or brushed stainless look with just a few minutes of work and a Tesla Model 3 center console winding set.

Floor mats are a common first upgrade for Tesla owners, especially for owners who live in areas with a lot of rain, sleet and snow. EV Items has a great set of all weather floors and luggage compartments tailored to Teslas. They are cut by a nice thick rubber mat that not only provides protection for the car from children, animals, feet, sleet, snow and the like, but they are easy to clean.

The guardian of all things. Image Credit: EV Items

Being made of thick rubber means that they can only be pulled out of the car, hosed off and hung out to dry as needed. This is a life saver for parents and those who are just looking for a life hack that minimizes the amount of time spent cleaning the car so they can spend more time on the road just enjoying it. I know, I know, they have them down at your local gas station. But remember, where we are going, we do not need gas stations. But we still want children and pets and other visitors who may not leave the interior of your car that smells fresh and happy. We all want the inside of your car to smell fresh and happy, and that EV Items knew it.

Image credit: EV Items

They came with a few air fresheners that come free with any order, and provide a good addition to any carriage and car. The air purifiers come in two different buildings. The first depicts a fictitious "starman" flying through space near a blue-green planet in a sporty red car and another holding the star-studded character's proud helmet in his hand. They are very similar to the Starman and Roadster that were launched into space by SpaceX's first Falcon Heavy launch, but the small disclaimer states that they are fictional works, so they couldn't be. But they are great and they will fit right into the interior of Tesla.

For a limited time, they offer a 20% discount to CleanTechnica readers who use this special link or promotional code "CLEANTECHNICA" which is a nice part of the top of any order. If you're rocking a new Tesla and want some accessories to make it your own, head over to EV Items and pick up some of their gear, so come back here and let us know what you think.

* This entry was sponsored by EV Items; all images from the company (used with permission)

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