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Published on November 8, 2019 |
by Johnna Crider

8. November 2019 by Johnna Crider

In a letter to clients, hedge fund manager David Einhorn pretty much accused Elon Musk of fraud following the surprising Q3 earnings report. Elon replied to Einhorn with his own message.

In the message, Elon Einhorn states that he understands that Einhorn wants to save face with his investors, given the losses he has suffered because of Tesla's successful third quarter. However, Elon also extends an invitation to Einhorn to show him in more detail how Tesla does what it does.

What really stood out to me was what Elon said about Tesla. In his letter, Elon says that the reason the shorts have withdrawn from public discourse is because the world is slowly waking up by the fact that Tesla has made many wonderful contributions to "science, security and a sustainable environment." [19659007] In essence, Tesla has achieved the impossible. It has created a mass-market electric car and brought electric vehicles in front of the public without paying a penny for advertising. Elon and the rest of the team he works with have created a community of people who not only love Elon Musk, but also Tesla and SpaceX.

Elon and the team at Tesla succeeded in doing all this while others did not even consider it or see it as a real opportunity. I remember back in 2008 when the phrase "go green" was so big. It was part of Obama's campaign, and now that Trump has replaced Obama and tried to undo everything Obama has done, it seems green to have been forgotten – at least in the press and the dominant political world.

However, Tesla has not forgotten, and it has embodied this movement and grown it into something wider. Tesla continues to breathe the fires of life into the idea of ​​becoming green and demonstrates it in action by reducing our carbon footprint more each day. As of this writing today, Tesla has prevented over three million tons of carbon from being released into the atmosphere.

“To the extent that you have any desire to learn about the amazing progress the people of Tesla are making, I would like to extend an open invitation to meet with me to discuss Tesla and tour our facilities. For your sake, I'm sure your investors will appreciate that you got smart at Tesla. ”—Elon Musk, to David Einhorn.

I have a message for Einhorn

Elon's tweet prompted a reply:

MR. Einhorn, it's good that you accepted Elon's offer. Along with your questions about economics to Elon, you might want to look into more of this story. If you see the picture in its entirety, you can see that money is part of it, but so are people. If anyone observes a company they think is going down, there is one thing. If the person is actively trying to get away from the company's customers and hurt its finances and valuation, it's another.

When some shorts Tesla, they bet on it. It is okay. But the Tesla card seller community goes far beyond that. You worry about the money your customers owe, but at the same time many of your other shorts have joined forces with champion for Tesla's downfall. It is more an active, compulsive thought than the quiet effort of an objective observer. I don't know if you're one of those anonymous shorts hiding behind a cartoon character (I hope not), but it's important to recognize that these people are directly targeting Tesla. They try to harm Tesla.

If you are among them, then I have a question: How can you sit there and claim to care about people's money when you argue that the company is failing?

If you are not part of this active group of vicious card sellers, you can ignore that question, but be aware that while Tesla innovates and achieves things you and others said it could not achieve, while tens of thousands of Tesla employees both pay their bills and promote sustainable mobility and energy at the same time, there are people trying to tear down Tesla for no good reason. Not only are they trying to tear down a company, but they are deliberately trying to ruin the lives of hard-working Americans who work for Tesla, Americans who have done nothing to deserve anonymous, bitter Twitter users trying to cause them unemployment.

When rooting for a failure in an American business, Mr. Einhorn, they give reason to destroy America's economy. Lack of a company is one thing. It bets on it. But following the company's customers, targeting their online supporters with attempts to damage the company's reputation, insignificant CEO (many hours a day), and just generally trying to put customers away and turn down the value is wrong – and those who do this should stop.

Mr. Einhorn, I have an invitation for you too. I invite you to condemn those who practice this tactic. If you really care about Tesla's customers and shareholders, as your answer to Elon indicates, you can support these words with actions.

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