Elon Musk's security clearance may be at risk


SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is making great success with his Dragon Crew capsule, but his pot smoking can complicate his relationship with the government. Sources tell Bloomberg that the Pentagon is considering Musk's security approval because he was filmed to smoke a link in an interview with podcasts Joe Rogan in September. The podcast was in California, where porridge is legal, but it is still illegal under federal law and Musk has had to refile its SF-86 form of security, requiring federal contractors to recognize drug use, an official said. Bloomberg's sources say the review is underway, with no decision yet.

Insiders tell Fox that Musk could get his clearance suspended or revoked as a result of the investigation. SpaceX officials say the announcement, which the US Air Force is supposed to have launched shortly after the podcast, has had no effect on the company. SpaceX has won space launch contracts since the podcasts aired, including a $ 297 million three-launch contract. "Anyone with security authentication would go through this survey process in the same way," a source CNBC says, describing the review and refilling of security forms as "normal". (NASA also reports that Musk is drug use.)

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