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Elon Musk's productivity tips include leaving meetings

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who also runs space research company SpaceX and a tunnel engraving firm The Boring Company, has some unique ways to increase productivity.

The e-mail, sent out last year, began with a congratulation to employees for ramping up model 3 production. During the company's latest earnings report, new problems with model 3 delivery to overseas markets were described.


The company recently said it plans to raise $ 2 billion in capital after reporting a $ 702 million loss in the first quarter.

When the company handles new challenges, you see how Musk wants employees to be productive:

Ditch big meetings

Musk says that "excessive meetings are the storm of big companies" ̵[ads1]1; it is important to enter large meetings unless they "give values ​​to the entire audience". And if the latter is true, the meetings should be kept short.

Too many meetings are also bad

Unless dealing with "an extremely urgent matter", employees are told to get rid of frequent meetings.

Exit meetings

"It's not rude to go, it's rude to get someone to waste your time," Musk wrote, tells wor Kers it's okay to go out or get rid of conversation when it is clear that they do not add value.

Not Short Card

In particular, Musk employees should not use "acronyms or nonsense words" for Tesla's objects, software or processes.

"We don't want people to remember a glossary to work on Tesla."

Streamlined Communication

Unless you want to be fired, do not enforce the "Command Chain" communication, Musk warnings. The information will be transmitted via the fastest channels to get the job done – which includes interaction between departments.


Use common sense

Sometimes common sense should trump after the company's procedures, Musk said.

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