Elon Musk's bad week gets worse as SpaceX puts out 600 people

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SpaceX, the rocket company founded by Tesla billion Elon Musk, is 10 percent of its 6,000 employees workforce. The layoffs are part of a move to streamline business and cut costs.

"SpaceX must become a leaner company," wrote President Gwynne Shotwell in a Friday email. The news was first reported by the Los Angeles Times.

& # 39; Incredibly difficult challenges ahead & # 39;

Shotwell explained:

This means we must share ways with talented and hard-working members of our team. This action is only taken because of the extraordinary difficult challenges ahead, and would otherwise not be necessary.

The company provides at least eight weeks of salary and other benefits to the kicked employees.

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SpaceX streamlines to prepare for "difficult challenges ahead." ( Twitter )

Investors Blinded by SpaceX

Elon Musk – billionaire founder of the electric car company Tesla – launched SpaceX in 2002 to make space travel available to everyday people. In addition, SpaceX's goal is to colonize Mars.

Equidates Robert Hilmer says SpaceX is one of the world's most valuable private companies, with the potential to increase unlimited capital.

"SpaceX is one of [the most] popular pre-IPO tech companies globally," Hilmer told CNBC.

Everywhere I travel around the world, investors of all types – individuals, family offices, hedge funds, sovereign mutual funds or private equity – want to get

At the same time, Musk takes the battle in battle.

He hasn't commented on layoffs, preferring to focus on upcoming space launches.

The South African business module is more concerned that SpaceX's latest test flight rocket has a cool Aerodynamic design.

"Obv must be more angled," Muskat tweeted, in reference to the tip of the rocket.

Musk is an involuntary media brother who generates countless headlines. In August 2018, Musk touched a volcanic backlash from Tesla investors after he had read that he could take his car dealership privately.

Uk later, SEC Musk sued for security fraud and claimed he had been told Tesla had eaten 6 percent that day. Shareholders were furious when Tesla shares suddenly resigned in the following days.

The debate forced Musk to go down as a board member in September 2018 and pay $ 20 million to the SEC.

Elon Musk: I'm not Satoshi Nakamoto [19659005] Despite being a techno file, Elon Musk doesn't own crypto, as CCN reported.

"I literally own zero cryptocurrency, except .25 BTC as a friend sent me many years ago," confirmed Musk on Twitter. [19659029] In November 2017, Musk denied speculation that he was Satoshi Nakamoto, inventor of Bitcoin. An earlier SpaceX internal has inadvertently started the rumor with a blog post.

Sahil Gupta wrote on medium: "Satoshi is probably Elon."

Elon is a self-taught polymat. He is repeatedly innovated across fields by reading books on a topic and using the knowledge.

That's how he built rockets, invented Hyperloop (which he published to the world as paper), and could have invented Bitcoin.

Musk replied that he invented Bitcoin. Meanwhile, the real identity of Satoshi Nakamoto has never been confirmed.

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