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Elon Musk wants model 3 production to hit 7000 units per week before December – BGR

One of the major stories involved with Tesla this year – apart from Elon Musk's shenanigans on Twitter, of course – has centered on model 3 production. One of the reasons Tesla's ability to hit model 3 production has pulled so much review in recent months is that Musk has a bad habit of making ambitious promises of production that often becomes unfulfilled. If you remember, Musk first promised that Model 3 production would reach 5000 units per week by the end of 2017, a goal that Tesla did not come anywhere near to make.

Tesla finally reached its 5,000 unit / week milestone this summer, a good few months later than expected. During the company's last quarter, the company noted that the average production model 3 was checked at 4,300 units per week. More specifically, model 3 production during the quarter has checked in to 5,300 units.

Tesla looks forward to being committed to increasing Model 3 production and apparently working around some production bottlenecks. To this point, Electrek reports that the electric car manufacturer now aims to increase production to 7,000 units per week before the end of the month. The 7th century comes via an internal email sent by Musk, where the Tesla CEO relays that he wants production to reach 1[ads1]000 units per day.

Musical e-mail reads in part:

By the 28th, all model 3 production systems must be 50+ UPH stable, which is necessary for a real 1000 vehicle per day rate (taking into account uptime). To be completed, this includes all lines for a particular subsystem, for example, the General Assembly UPH will include both GA3 lines plus GA4.

Of course, it is again to see if Tesla can actually achieve this. While the company can pull out all the stops and have an incredibly high production rate in a given week, history has shown that it is far more challenging to keep such production levels consistent for many weeks. Under all circumstances, Musk has learned to keep her ambitious projections internal, as opposed to blabbing about them on Twitter.

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