Elon Musk wants his cars to praise and blow in the name of safety

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said he wants the company's cars to offer custom horns and movement sounds in the future, and suggested that these could include the sounds of goats, speeds and even coconuts. Teslerati notes that this latter suggestion appears to be a reference to King Arthur in Monty Python and the Holy Grail whose assistant Patsy uses a few coconut halves to mimic the sound of his absent steed.

Starting in September next year, electric cars sold in the United States will have to emit artificial noise when traveling below 1[ads1]8.6 miles per hour, to compensate for the absence of noisy internal combustion engines. Electrek reported that Tesla started adding this sound to Model 3 last month. The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently proposed new rules around the feature that allow drivers to choose their own vehicle sounds.

However, Tesla may find it more difficult to introduce the new sounds in Europe. EU rules, which will come into force in 2021, specify that an electric car's false noise "should sound like the sound of a vehicle in the same category equipped with an internal combustion engine." Sounds like it excludes coconuts then (sorry Arthur).

After his first tweet, Twitter users were quick to suggest other sounds that Teslas could be equipped with. One Tesla owner's club suggested " jungle and rainforest sounds " ("Sure" was Musk's answer), and another user asked if Tesla cars could one day let users upload their own custom sounds ( Musk said he would consider it ).

Regulations on how car horns sound, meanwhile, seem a little more flexible, at least in the United States. Although they vary from state to state, many people say that a horn sound is fine, as long as it is audible from 200 feet away, and cannot be "an unreasonably loud or loud sound or a whistle."

The arrival of the mass to market electric vehicles means that many of our old assumptions about how our cars look and sound quickly become irrelevant. Goat and coconut sounds may be an easily recommended proposition for the future of car driving, but this is the future we may soon face.

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