Elon Musk tweets about the Tesla pickup truck prototype for 2019

Elon Musk Teslas pickup car comes and it will look "really futuristic like cyberpunk," Blade Runner, "he told Recode in November (referring to the sci-fi movie.)

Now says Musk it could be a prototype of the" heartbreaking "truck as soon as 2019 because" he "dies to make a truck so bad" tweeted tuesday. "

Musk's tweet has since racked over 4000 likes and asked for nearly 600 comments.

The Tesla CEO has already shared a photo of what the pickup might look like.

Although Musk told Recode, he could not share details about retrieval, in June he asked his millions of Twitter followers what they would see in the truck and received thousands of answers. [19659007] What would you love to see in a Tesla pickup truck? I have some things in mind, but what do you think? Are small but important shades and what would be serious next level?

In the Twitter Exchange, Musk said that the rally would have "two-wheel drive with two-wheel torque and a suspension that dynamically adjusts for cargo. They will be standard" and "Pickup truck will have power outlets that allow the use of powerful 240V high power tools in field generator all day. No generator needed. "

When a Twitter user suggested that the vehicle could detect a young child crossing in front of the car, Musk responded," Camera and on-board should detect [that]. "If it's very close under 15 feet), it will appear in ultrasonics. "

In 2017, Musk tweeted, retrieval was detected" for 18 to 24 months ", but recently said retrieval would be done after Tesla Model 3 (now in production) and its Upcoming Y SUV, according to CNBC.

But a pickup is not the only Musk in mind for Tesla: In a 9-inch tweet, Musk revealed that Tesla tests automated driving without driver entry, and Musk said the results "will blow in mind. Automatically pass slow cars and take highway and off-ramps, "tweeted he.

"Test traffic lights, stop signs and roundabouts in development software," he added. "Your Tesla will soon be able to leave your garage at home for parking at work without any driver entrance at all."

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