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Elon Musk tells Tesla employees to go "all out" for the record quarter

Elon Musk told employees that Tesla is about to reach a record quarter for deliveries, but they have to go out with everything.

In an email sent to all employees last night, Tesla CEO wrote:

"As you may have noticed, there is a lot of speculation about our vehicle deliveries in the quarter. The reality is that we are on the way for But, if we go out, we can definitely do it! ”

There has actually been a lot of speculation.

The email comes after we reported Tesla's delivery and delivery. North America quarterly order number, a market Tesla focuses on at the end of the quarter because they can deliver cars faster as they exit the factory.

Our report was mostly positive, but it was copied by Reuters as changed the heading to something negative and claimed it affected the stock:

The publication later changed the heading to something more accurate since we never claimed that it was "likely" or "unlikely" to hit the record.

All we reported is that Tesla received a surge of orders over last week, but many of these orders do not have a scheduled delivery, which is the bottleneck.

Musk confirmed this problem in the email of employees last night:

"We already have enough vehicle orders to deposit a record, but the right cars are not all in the right places. Logistics and final delivery is extremely important, as well as demand for vehicle variants available locally, but cannot reach people who ordered that variant before the end of the quarter. "

The CEO still believes that the record of over 90,000 Deliveries can be achieved in the quarter.

Electrek's Take

As we reported yesterday, with over 12,000 undelivered orders, Tesla actually has "enough vehicle order to set a record," but deliveries are the bottleneck.

In New Email, Elon points out that the vehicles are simply not in the right places.

Yesterday, Tesla had 7,400 orders planned for deliveries in North America by the end of the quarter. For these cars, Tesla has the vehicles, and they think they can get them to the customers who ordered them by the month.

However, there are about 5,000 orders that Tesla cannot match right now to vans and it is unlikely to be able to produce them all and deliver them in time.

It is difficult to estimate how many of these Teslaes could deliver the next few days. We hear that they are trying to convince customers to buy vans with slightly different configurations to deliver faster.

I think it is still possible for Tesla to reach 33,000 deliveries in NA in June to push total deliveries in the market to over 60,000 in Q2 and over 90,000 globally, but it will take 5 days of nonstop work from the team.

Therefore, Elon asks that they go "countless".

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