Elon Musk shares Tesla Solar Glass pumpkin torture test for Halloween


Tesla's solar roof looks like a traditional roof.


We all have different ways to celebrate Halloween. Many of us dress up or hand out candy to the kids. However, if you are Tesla, you drop a pumpkin on the product from high altitude.

Tesla founder Elon Musk tweeted a video on Thursday showing a seasonally-themed torture trial of Solar Glass, a key component of the company's Solar Roof system. The whimsical whammy probably took place at Teslas Gigafactory 2 in Buffalo, New York where the roofing is made.

The video contains a carved pumpkin that takes a slow, two-story dive from the factory's roof onto a panel with sun glass tiles. Gourdden splatter, spitting seeds everywhere. We are then treated to a close-up version of the pumpkin shredding and Solar Glass bouncing back, apparently unscathed by this pumpkin calypse.

Telsa marked the commercial launch of Solar Roof last week . The system uses solar tiles similar to traditional roof tiles. These are linked to the company's Powerwall batteries for operating a home.

Musk has been talking about the durability of Solar Roof on Twitter lately. "Yes, you can walk on the Tesla Solar Glass roof. On stilts, if you like," he tweeted on October 26 . So there you have it. No need to worry about hail or tree limbs or fat raccoons. Your Tesla sunroof can survive a pumpkin wearing stilettos.

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