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Elon Musk Says A Model S Is Doing The Nürburgring, Didn & # 39; t Tell The Nürburgring

Before Porsche even showed the production of Taycan to the public, it had a lap time at the Nürburgring. Although we know well that Taycan is not a direct competitor to Tesla's Model S [or is it?]it seems that Elon Musk is not exactly happy that people are talking about Taycan instead of Tesla. As he often does not want to do, he sent a tweet yesterday with edict from the height. Without anything to back up.

'Call times don't just happen. It takes months of planning. You can't just roll up to the gate and say "I'm here to set a record." You need to book producer time, be on schedule, pay the right people and be in the right place.

According to the people at the Nürburgring, Tesla has not done so. "Tesla did not send us a mail request and did not rent an exclusive time slot," a Road & Track track representative confirmed by email.

Another source familiar with the subject told R&T that Tesla is sending a car to Germany from California right now, but the test time is booked for this week well in advance of the tweet to Musk on Thursday afternoon. The EV carmaker is unlikely to be able to jump into the lineup, and it's possible Tesla doesn't even know it needed to plan ahead of time.

Technically, Musk just said that a Model S would be at the Nürburgring next week, which can still be achieved. After all, it is an open cotton road. Tesla's test driver could simply pay 27 euros like everyone else and put the pedal in metal.

If we see a lap time at the Tesla Nürburgring next week, it will probably have been set during a Touristenfahrten open lap session. It is difficult enough to set a new catch record once you have tracked yourself. Negotiating traffic will chunk several seconds at your time.

I would hate to be in the middle of a hot lap and have a Renault Laguna cut me out and cancel the whole damn thing. I only brought enough euros for two rounds!

Another problem, the tourist days only run the track from Bridge to Gantry, cutting out a small portion of the trail. This means that a "lap time" will not be a full lap.

Good luck, buds!

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