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Elon Musk hypes Tesla V10 software with in-car video streaming and & # 39; Caraoke & # 39; early access & # 39; soon & # 39;

Elon Musk went on a mini Tweetstorm yesterday to tip Tesla's V10 software update with in-car video streaming and a feature called & # 39; Caraoke & # 39 ;.

The CEO says the new update will be released to early access owners soon & # 39 ;, and Tesla should finally extend the program to Full Self-Driving (FSD) owners.

Tesla version 10 (V10) surprised the Tesla community.

The carmaker released its version 9 software update back in September 2018, and it was Tesla's first full software version this year, but now it sounds like the carmaker will release its next full-version version, version 1[ads1]0, much faster.

Last month, Musk said Tesla could launch its launch in August.

The CEO gave an update on progress last night – saying that the update looks & # 39; really good & # 39; and that Tesla plans to begin distributing it to the owners of & # 39; early access & # 39; soon & # 39 ;:

Musk has been talking about the Tesla V10 since he released version 9 last year, and he said that a streaming feature And car karaoke is going to be part of the update.

He seems to have tested these features because he also added yesterday:

“Video is great with the Tesla sound system. Will include Caraoke! "

The CEO previously hailed video streaming as" incredibly immersive "with a" cinematic feel because of the comfortable seats and surround sound. "

When it comes to & # 39; Caraoke & # 39 ;, it's expected to be a feature that lets you play karaoke on the vehicle's center screen – not unlike the popular segment on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Musk also says that he will finally deliver the promised early access to early FSD buyers:

Although it sounds like it may not be a full inclusion in the early access program, but simply being higher up in the queue in it big and whole release:

Speaking of FSD, Musk again talks about raising the price more often – this time on a "2 to 4 month" basis depending on progress:

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