Elon Musk confirms that European gigafactory is to be built in Berlin

Photo: Bradley Brownell

Elon Musk announced during an awards ceremony in Germany on Tuesday and confirmed via tweet that Tesla will build its fourth "Gigafactory" I Berlin, Germany to build batteries, powertrains and vehicles. This will be Tesla's fourth such project, following the former SolarCity plant in Buffalo, Nevada Gigafactory outside Reno (still under construction), and China Gigafactory in Shanghai, which just started producing their first cars.

This new factory will be somewhere "near the new airport". It probably means near Brandenburg Airport, which is scheduled to open next year south of downtown.

"I think Berlin has some of the best art in the world," Musk said as explaining his decision to include a future design center in the Berlin project .

"Everyone knows that German engineering is outstanding, and that is part of the reason why we are locating our Gigafactory Europe in Germany," Musk added. In a recent income report, Tesla stated that Euro Giga would be operational by 2021.

There is no word yet on whether the new factory will contain a tent.

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