Elon Musk 420 weed joke around Starlink SpaceX satellites launch plans

Elon Musk hasn't finished making 420 jokes yet.

His last came this weekend while he revealed 60 SpaceX satellites for the first time. Rocket company SpaceX plans to launch them into space for the first mission late Wednesday.

SpaceX will build a global network of nearly 12,000 satellites, part of a bold project called Starlink, which aims to bring ultra-high-speed internet to the world.

But getting less web coverage only takes six new launches of 60 satellites, Musk tweeted .

If you do the math, there are a total of 420 satellites. That's how people refer to smoking marijuana, which has got Musk in hot water before. Most notably, Tesla was fined $ 20 million by the SEC after Musk claimed he could take the electric car firm publicly to $ 420 per share.

When a Twitter user pointed 420 the sum, Musk jumped back about it.

"That * may not be my lucky number," Musk tweeted adding an emoji of a four-leaf clover.

Musk was also notoriously filmed to smoke a mix of marijuana and tobacco this autumn while being interviewed on a podcast.

Marijuana use is legal in California, where it happened, but NASA's top officer later defied Musk over it, and described the incident as "not appropriate".

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