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Elizabeth Warren suggests breaking up technical giants like Amazon and Facebook

"It has been a traditional feeling around D.C.'s policy that these companies are progressive," says Stoller. "Their employees give to Democrats, they are friendly to social liberalism, it's an idealism of how they talk about the world. It has been the traditional sense. "

" But these companies have a moral framework for Big Tobacco, "he added." They don't care. "

Carl Szabo, the vice president of an e-commerce association called NetChoice, said he felt Warren "The plan was unnecessary. He warns that it can lead to weapons of antitrust laws, which lawmakers are targeting companies that are considered their enemies." "Police and armed antitrust laws are ripe for abuse," said Mr Szabo, who is a professor of privacy law at George Mason University's law school. "We have already seen how politics can inject into antitrust reviews, and I do not think our legislators should encourage this precedent."

He added that he also felt that Warren is "Mistakes in her claim that tech markets lack competition. "

" Never before have consumers and workers gained more access to goods, services and opportunities online, "said Szabo.

The announcement included Ms Warrens team of several researchers on internet privacy and technology regulation, including Siva Vaidhyanathan from the University of Virginia and Frank Pasquale at the University of Maryland School of Law For those who look closely at the democratic presidential nomination competition, the announcement was another example of Ms Warrens political strategy, which should appeal to voters based on political ideas and retail policies. floating theorem or emotional message of unity.

In January, Faiz Shakir, the national political director of the American Civil Liberties Union, said, "Elizabeth Warren is trying to position herself as the candidate's candidate for the field, and so far, in the beginning, she wins it . "

" Others should start thinking about competing in the arena for new ideas, " Height Mr. Shakir. He has since joined Mr. Sanders presidentsbud as its kampansjef.

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