EasyJet's first airline to go carbon neutral – starting today


Published on November 19, 2019 |
by Johnna Crider

19. November 2019 by Johnna Crider

In a company press release, EasyJet announced today that as of today, all flights will be carbon neutral. EasyJet has a total of 331 aircraft and will be the first major airline in the world to operate a fleet of completely zero carbon. What this means a little more specifically is that EasyJet will have balanced all of its carbon emissions through carbon removal work.

Furthermore, this is a "temporary measure" as EasyJet plans to go further than this in the future. "We will continue the pressure to reinvent aviation in the long term, including the development of sustainable fuel and electric aviation," writes EasyJet.

The airline expects to spend £ 25 million ($ 32.4 million) over the next year to offset each tonne of CO2 emitted from fuel used for EasyJet flights. The goal is to make sure there is one ton less in the atmosphere to counteract the added tone. EasyJet will either reduce CO2 by physically removing it from the air (plant more trees) or by avoiding the emission of more CO2 (for example, by installing wind or solar power plants).

"And finally, I am proud that we have announced that today we will be the world's first major airline to operate zero-zero carbon flights across our entire network. We do this by offsetting the carbon emissions from the fuel used for all We recognize that offsetting is only a temporary measure, but we want to take action on our carbon emissions now EasyJet has a long tradition of efficient flight – the planes we fly and the way we fly mean that easyJet is already more efficient than However, our priority is to continue to work to reduce our carbon footprint in the short term, combined with long-term efforts to support the development of new technology, including electric aircraft, to reinvent aviation in the long term. "
Johan Lundgren, CEO, EasyJet

The airline also has to begin selecting carbon development programs that meet either the gold standard or confirmed carbon standards – both are known to have high carbon offsetting standards. EasyJet has partnered with Climate Focus to help select projects that will offset carbon emissions. Climate Focus, an international consulting firm, is committed to developing policies and programs that "mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change."

EasyJet also wants to support innovative technology and in a way become like Tesla, but for heaven. They will support the development of hybrid and electric aircraft, while collaborating with others in the industry to reinvent aviation and help European airlines become carbon-zero. Another partner, Airbus, has signed on to conduct joint research into the opportunities and challenges of bringing hybrid and electric aircraft to the market for short-haul flights in Europe.

EasyJet: Tesla of the Skies?

Although EasyJet is not When making actual aircraft, the goals are now very similar to Tesla's in terms of sustainability. It is well known that Elon Musk and JB Straubel, another Tesla founder and the company's longtime CTO until recently, first met to discuss electric aircraft. Maybe Tesla and Elon Musk can help EasyJet as well, or maybe help another airline that wants to follow EasyJet's management. Being the world's first airline that became completely carbon neutral is a good thing, and I think we will continue to see innovation in the sky just as we have seen on the ground.

Route map courtesy of EasyJet

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