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DrLupo reveals the secret of his Fortnite skill

Dr Lupo uploaded a humorous video on January 19, revealing the real reason for his dexterity in the game, attributing his success to a popular brand of stuffed cake – Oreo.

Lupo combined two Oreos to create one, giant Oreo (or perhaps indulged in the new "Most Stuf" Oreos), downing his creation in one bit. The snack must have contained some special force, as he continued to take a series of dubs shortly afterwards.

It seems that fans can rest easy and know that the secret formula of Fortnite's success lies in one of America's best-selling cookie brands ̵[ads1]1; or maybe it was just the sugar rush that amplified Dr Lupo to the top.

DrLupo's latest fun video follows his large fundraiser for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital at the end of December 2018. Streamer managed to raise a million dollars for charity throughout the year, raising $ 356,000 at Florida's GuardianCon.

On December 21, the streamer had prepared to increase this amount to $ 730,000, and completed its 24-hour charity livestream on December 22 by fulfilling its high one million dollar goal.

DrLupo is known for its live streams and Fortnite games, with nearly three million fans on Twitch and over one million subscribers to his Y ouTube channel. With its popularity, it will come as no surprise if the fans started eating more Oreos before the impact on the map – say when is the Oreo sponsorship incoming?

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