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Dow waves of hopeful trading signals

Although President Donald Trump has repeatedly crushed the flames of the trade war, he tweeted on Sunday that the US and China were "talking". He also tried to curb the fear of recession, tweeted that an end to the trade war would help boost the US economy.
China's reaction to its declining economy, which has been saved by the trade war. People's Bank of China on Saturday announced that they want to make corporate loans easier and cheaper, with a view to supporting growth and employment. It is actually an interest rate cut.
Investors ate it up on edge after last week's tumultuous trade. Dow ( INDU ) opened 325 points, or 1[ads1].3%, before retiring slightly. S&P 500 ( SPX ) was up 1.1% and Nasdaq ( COMP ) increased by 1, 2%.
Stock traders focused on the White House's rosy view of the future – and not the increasingly negative view of economists. The National Association for Business Economics released a report Monday that said 86% of US economists believe a recession is coming over the next two years.
The yield curve inverted between 10-year and two-year US government bonds last week, and the markets and investors accounted for the potential of a US recession over the next few years. A reverse yield curve has preceded all the recession in modern times.

A number of economists (38%) believe a recession will begin in 2020. But in some ways economists are increasingly optimistic. Far fewer economists believe a recession will come this year, and an increasing number believe a recession will take place in 2021 instead of next year, according to the survey.

Big gains and losses have become the new norm on Wall Street. The Dow was triple digit up or down each day last week, including a loss of 800 points on Wednesday – the worst day of the year for equities.

The optimism about economic stimulation in the United States, Europe and China has strengthened stocks in recent sessions. While the global economy is spinning, central banks around the world promise interest rate cuts, balance sheet growth and forms of more direct stimulus to help strengthen the countries of their respective regions.

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