Dow Jones Futures Fall on Global Growth Fears: Adobe Stock, Starbucks Stock, Costco Stock

Dow Jones futures fell sharply early Friday, along with S & P 500 futures and Nasdaq futures, as weak China and European data added global growth fears. Adobe (ADBE), Starbucks (SBUX) and Costco Wholesale (COST), all close points of purchase, fell early Friday. Adobe revenue peaked, but the guidance was easy. Starbucks cuts its long-term growth target. Costco result missed. Adobe stock has the best possible 99 IBD composite rating. Starbuck's share has 97 composite values, while the Costco share has a good 88 KR.


Dow Jones Futures Today

Dow Jones futures dropped 1% vs. fair value. S & P 500 futures dropped 1.1%. Nasdaq 100 futures occurred 1.3%. The big indices are in danger of drying the weeks' modest gains.

China's Shanghai Composite lost 1.5% and Japan's Nikkei 2%, with European markets also losing significant ground.

China Data, European data adds global growth fears [19659004] China's industrial output increased by 5.4% compared with the year before November, while retail trade grew by 8.1%, both inadequate impressions and the weakest years. Meanwhile, European car sales fell again. An index for purchasers in the euro area struck a perennial low, exacerbated by France's last yellow-west protests.

China's early Friday suspended additional tariffs on US cars and auto parts for three months, which reduced 40% to 15%. Tesla (TSLA) slashed Chinese prices for its cars immediately. However, China's car tax cut had been expected and lifted Dow futures. The Tesla share fell 0.9% before opening after closing over a shopping area Thursday.

Remember that takeover in Dow futures, not Adobe stock and elsewhere, necessarily translate into actual trading in the next regular session. It has been particularly true in recent weeks, as Dow Jones futures swing up and down, followed by volatile market actions the next day.

In Thursday's stock market a morning rally was quickly faded. Dow Jones increased by 0.3%, but the S & P 500 index closed just below break even, and the Nasdaq composite lost 0.4%.

Adobe Revenue

Adobe Revenue and Revenue Summoned fiscal fourth quarter estimates late on Thursday. However, the digital media and marketing software vendor gave weak Q1 and the whole of 2019 revenue guidance.

Adobe stock fell 2% early Friday. Stocks rose 1% Thursday to 248.08. The Adobe stock is close to a 260.82 handlebar and is just across its 50-day and 200-day lines.

The relative strength of strength which tracks a share's performance vs. The S & P 500 index already hits new heights, a bullish sign.

Adobe layer is on the IBD 50 list.

Starbucks earnings

Starbucks revenue target of at least 10% non-GAAP growth is below previous forecasts of 12% or more. Starbucks also sees long-term sales growth in the same store in China at 1% -3%.

The Starbucks share fell 3.5% early Friday. On Thursday, the shares increased by 1.2% to 66.91, when the company outlined several actions, including alliances with UberEats and Alibaba (BABA).

The Starbucks share is working on a flat base after getting up early in November following the latest Starbucks revenue report. Assuming that the shares are held in the last area for one day, the Starbucks share will have a new purchase point of 69.08.

Starbucks has been an IBD Leaderboard store for several weeks.

Costco Earnings

Costco earnings missed by a crown. Revenues increased by 10%, topping impressions. Costco share fell 3.3% early.

Stocks have resisted its 50-day line and shrink 0.6% to 226.51.

The big picture:

The big picture:

The Cisco stock is in a flat base with a 245.26 flatbase purchase point.

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