Dow Jones Futures: Cisco Stock Nears Buy Point As Current Stock Market Rally Tested

Dow Jones futures had a higher late Wednesday along with S & P 500 futures and Nasdaq futures, including in a report that President Donald Trump was throwing out 60-day extension by raising China tariffs to let the negotiations continue. Dow Jones tech giant Cisco Systems (CSCO) reported better-than-expected earnings and guidance, while at the same time wandering dividends and buy-backs. Cisco stock rose in late trading, signaling a move over a point of sale. HubSpot (HUBS) withdrew after the best software store announced plans for a stock offering. Meanwhile, today's stock market relationship is facing another test, as the Nasdaq compound hit the resistance on the 200-day line Wednesday.


Dow Jones Futures Today

Dow Jones futures rose a fraction to fair value, reversing modest losses. S&P 500 futures lined higher. Nasdaq 100 futures rose 0.15%. Cisco stock is a member of Dow, S & P 500 and Nasdaq. Keep in mind that takeover in Dow futures and elsewhere may not necessarily be translated into actual trading in the next ordinary stock market session.

Trump weighs back on March 1 for the 60-day China Trade deal, Bloomberg reported, and avoided a long-term decision to implement higher tariffs on Chinese goods. Trump has signaled that he may delay China's classification decision. Two days of high-level Chinese trade negotiations begin in Beijing on Thursday. Chinese President Xi Jinping will meet US representatives Friday.

Current Stock Market Collection

The current stock market has gone strong since Christmas. On Tuesday, the major averages saw a mini-consolidation as the S&P 500 index peaked its 200-day line. On Wednesday, the Nasdaq came to the line, but backed, ending less than 0.1%. The S&P 500 index advanced 0.3% and Dow Jones 0.5%.

Growth stocks, which exceeded for several days, had an unexpected increase on Wednesday. When the stock market moves sideways or withdraws, the top stocks are unlikely to develop and withdraw. Please note that you manage your individual holdings and general portfolios.

It's Valentine's Day on Thursday, but when it comes to the stock market, invest with your head, not your heart.

Cisco Earnings

Cisco Revenue increased by 16% to 73 cents in fiscal policy in Q2, while revenues increased by 4% to $ 12.45 billion. It completed two-quarters of accelerating Cisco's earnings growth and four-quarters of decelerating sales growth. But analysts had expected Cisco revenue of 72 cents on $ 12.41 billion in revenue.

Cisco sees Q3 EPS at 76-78 cents, with sales of 4% -6%. There is largely consensus for Cisco revenue of 76 cents and a revenue gain of 3%.

The network giant, which is expanding into services and software, hiked dividends to 35 cents per share. Cisco also added $ 15 billion to its buy-back program for a total $ 24 billion current authorization.

The Cisco share rose 3.9% to 49.36 in late trading. It signals a move to just over a 49.24 point of purchase from a double bottom base. The relative strength line, which tracks a share's performance vs. The S & P 500 index, hit high on December 13, but since then has subsided slightly.

HubSpot Stock Offering

HubSpot stock fell 2.5% to 167.57 cents trading. The software company plans to sell 1.7 million shares. What comes after HubSpot was one of five top ranked software holdings that reported earnings late on Tuesday. HubSpot earnings and sales shattered impressions, while the Q1 guide was in line. On Wednesday, the shares rose as high as 180 and fell as low as 167.72, ending 0.1% at 171.87.

The HubSpot share has been expanded from a purchase purchase of 158.76.


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