President Trump called the Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen's statement about a potential sale from Greenland "ugly."

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump narrows Ford Motor Company on Wednesday to reach a deal with California to lower emissions standards, though his administration has sought to ease federal car pollution regulations.

"Henry Ford would be very disappointed if he saw his descendants today want to build a much more expensive car, it is far less safe and does not work well because executives will not fight California regulators," Trump wrote in a tweet.

Trump's tweets follow a recent report in the New York Times that the White House was blinded by a deal between California and four major car manufacturers, and that the administration called companies to the White House to press them on the case.

Last year, the Trump administration proposed freezing miles per gallon of car and light truck standards after the 2020 model year, saying it would keep prices lower for consumers and improve safety. Trump has also targeted California's stricter standards, which the federal government historically allowed under a special dispensation.

Trump has had a on-and-off relationship again with Detroit, at one time crediting his policy of helping revive the automotive industry, while also blasting the company's officials when they announce auto jobs dismissals. Trump ended with general motors last fall after the company announced layoffs and plant closures in Michigan, Ohio and Maryland.

Contributions: Detroit Free Press

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