Donald Trump adviser Kash Patel attacks Elon Musk’s “moderation” approach on Twitter

Donald Trump adviser Kash Patel went after Elon Musk on Saturday after the Tesla boss ended the deal to buy Twitter and fired top executives at the company earlier this week. Patel accused Musk of being too censorious while promoting Truth Social. “Hey Elon, you know what doesn’t have a free speech prison, Truth Social,” the Trump adviser wrote, referring to a Musk chirping where the new Twitter owner carrying the sink said: “Anyone suspended for minor and questionable reasons will be released from Twitter jail.”[ads1]; “Board the Freedom Train with Dan Scavino, Devin Nunes and Dan Bongino [a]n[d] Donald Trump,” Patel continued while adding, “TruthOverTweets.” But it didn’t stop there. “Oh good, more moderation — thanks Elon, but it’s the opposite [sic] freedom of speech.” Elsewhere, Patel told another Truth Social user they weren’t going back to Twitter. “Don’t need the blue bird,” he said. Patel did not return The Daily Beast’s request for comment on Saturday. Patel — a MAGA-loving children’s author who believes Trump can stand over documents and declassify them with his mind — rose to prominence during the end of Trump’s tenure.

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