Dog food can be linked to dog disease

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The American Food and Drug Administration is a warning dog owner of a possible relationship between certain dog brands and a serious form of dog disease. [19659003] The FDA has investigated more than 500 cases of extended cardiomyopathy (DCM) in dogs eating certain types of foods, according to their statement.

DCM is a condition that affects the dog's heart and results in an enlarged muscle. The dogs with DCM easily cover, cough and have difficulty breathing.

The FDA identifies 16 dog tags

When the FDA first notified the public in 2018 to cases of DCM, the agency did not mention specific brands; only food labeled as "grain-free" and containing peas, lentils, other legume seeds and / or potatoes as the main ingredients.

As part of this study, the FDA has now identified 16 brands of dog food that had the most frequent reported cases of DCM. The three best brands, according to the FDA, are Acana, named in 67 reports; Zignature, named in 64, and Taste of the Wild, named in 53 reports.

"We know it can be devastating to suddenly learn that your former healthy pet has a potentially life-threatening disease like DCM. Therefore, the FDA is committed to continuing our collaborative scientific study of the possible link between DCM and certain pet foods," Dr. Steven M. Solomon, Director of the FDA Veterinary Medicine Center.

Salomon says the FDA has not determined which potential link is. but it encouraged the dogs' owners to work closely with their veterinarians.

Agency findings are unintentional

The Agency has not asked the companies to revoke their products. "We have shared case report information with these companies so they can make informed decisions about the marketing and formulation of their products," the FDA wrote.

"In parallel with the FDA study, we did not find international third-party surveys between our high-quality animal products and some of the other physical properties that correlate with DCM," said Zignature in a statement posted on their website.

Zignatur added, "as we still have great confidence in our naturally-achieved diets that meet the needs of dogs suffering from allergies and grain intolerances, we provide an exclusive line made by our expert formulation team that is nutritious and grain intensive. "

Champion Petfoods, the parent company of Arcana, said it needed the problem and" works internally and with other leaders to research the cause of DCM to help Pet Lovers understand the facts, "Champion said in a written statement.

"… Of the 77 million dogs in the United States, 0.5% to 1% DCM, and of those dogs with DCM, are less than 0.1% speculated to have DCM related to diet, even though it is not scientific detected. In the recipes Champion does, we emphasize fresh and raw meat with total animal-derived ingredients from 60 to 85 percent of the finished product. Legumes are not an important feature of Champions recipes, and have never been. "

CNN has reached out to Taste of the Wild, but has not received a response. The company took up the survey in 2018 and said," Scientists have failed to find the exact cause of DCM. "

What You Can Do

If DCM gets caught early, heart function may improve in cases not related to genetics with appropriate veterinary and dietary supplements, according to the FDA. You may contact the veterinarian as soon as possible, in extreme cases such as sudden weakness or breakdown, you may need to seek emergency veterinary care.

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