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DJI did just a remote control car that creates gel beads and lasers

DJI just announced the company's first basic robot, called RoboMaster S1, and it's basically the remote control car for your childhood dreams. It has a tower gun that sits at the top, which makes it look like a Star Wars AT-ST Walker, which can shoot gel beads or lasers and control it with a smartphone app.

In "combat mode" you can get S1 to shoot other S1s with lasers ("infrared beams") or actual gel beads. In "race mode" you can set courses and run other S1s; the first to scan numbered view markers in the correct order wins. And there are a number of solo modes where you can get S1 to shoot different targets or program it to go around a particular course.

I got the chance to play with an S1 for about an hour last week, and that was a surprising amount of fun; It had elements of playing Mario Kart Halo laser tag and even Legos, all rolled into one. RoboMaster S1

costs $ 499 and will be available for purchase in July.

The S1 is really designed to introduce new users to robotics, so it's more than just your average remote control car. First, you need to build it, similar to a set of Legos. DJI sends you a box of all the pieces and you need to mount it (about two to three hours of project). Once everything is done, users will gain access to a number of immersive courses and training programs that educate S1 owners on programming languages, including the use of Python or Scratch, so they can use code and program their S1 & # 39; new features and maneuvers. [19659002]

DJI has transferred much of the machine learning technology from its well-known drones to S1. It is a cable for identifying different objects automatically, recognizing and responding to sounds, and receiving signals from other S1s that are needed when in competitive combat or racing modes. In addition, S1 can be programmed to perform a variety of intelligent recognition functions. It can follow a line or course created in the RoboMaster app; recognize up to 44 vision markers, including numbers, letters, and special characters; it can identify and follow a chosen person; it can recognize sounds and a variety of physical hand movements;

According to the DJI, the "S1 is equipped with 31 sensors to map the world around, including six on its intelligent body work, used in competitive mode to detect hits. On the durable S1 frame is an FPV camera (First Person View ) which sends a stabilized live feed from the S1 to the RoboMaster app, and also has a specialized mechanical gimbal with infrared and non-toxic gel bead blaster, which automatically limits the starting speed and angle to ensure safety. "

In addition to RoboMaster S1, you can expect the DJI to release various accessories, such as a dedicated controller, an extra battery pack, extra gel beads and a container for them; These will be available sometime in the near future.

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