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Earlier this month, Disney officially took away from Disney +, the high-expected streaming service, designed to compete with Netflix and HBO as well. With streaming, it's all the rage these days, and with Disney already boasting an absolute treasure trove of content, coming into the streaming game certainly comes a lot.

From what we can collect so far, Disney's streaming strategy seems to be incredibly well thought out. In addition to a large library of compelling content – which will include all 30 seasons of The Simpsons – the company signaled a willingness to offer Disney + at a discount if users choose to pack it with services like ESPN + and Hulu. And when it comes to price, the price of $ 6.99, Disney revealed last week, is remarkably cheap, and it does a solid job of underestimating Netflix.

With Disney + slated to roll out in November, it is the reason why the imminent streaming service will quickly gather an impressive number of subscribers. What remains to be seen is whether consumers will see Disney + as an additional service that can be enjoyed with Netflix, or if Disney + is so convincing that it can actually ask some Netflix subscribers to cancel their subscriptions altogether.

A survey of 602 Netflix subscribers was recently conducted to address this problem, .

A bit surprisingly, 1[ads1]2.3% of respondents suggest that they "can cancel Netflix and get Disney +", while 2.2% of respondents suggested they plan to cancel Netflix no matter what.

The report adds:

With just under 14.5% of subscribers indicating that they can leave the service, nearly 9 million represent customers. It represents $ 116.9 million a month of potential loss for Netflix. This echoes many subscribers expressed in 2017 when learning Netflix would lose Disney content.

Of course, the reality is that many people who threaten to cancel will not follow through and do so. But even though only 2.2% of subscribers indicate that they will definitely cancel what ultimately does, there are still 1.3 million domestic customers at a time when Netflix's US growth is stalling.

I totally agree with feelings here, that is, many people can talk a big game in canceling Netflix, but not many people actually follow through. Furthermore, with Netflix continuing to pump out new content at a breakneck pace, it is difficult to imagine a large group of users – except perhaps the hard-hired Disney fans – choosing Disney + over Netflix.

As for Netflix subscribers busy Trying Disney + 37.5% of respondents indicated a plan to take the new streaming service for a test drive.

There is much more information to be obtained from the survey, which can be seen in its entirety here. My personal task is that Disney + is incredibly convincing – especially at the $ 6.99 price level – but it's really hard to imagine a service that really gives Netflix a run for their money at this time.

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