Disney CEO Bob Iger offers streaming strategy update for Marvel, Star Wars, Disney and Pixar titles – Deadline

Disney CEO Bob Iger said the company has reached a new stage in its evolution in streaming and will consider “occasionally” licensing some titles to third parties.

In response to a question from a shareholder during the company’s annual meeting, which was held virtually this year, Iger admitted that there had been a period in the late 2010s when the company took back streaming rights.

“To achieve our goal of entering the streaming business with great success, we felt we needed to take back control of the content we had licensed to third parties,” he said. “At that point, most of it was going to Netflix, and we actually enjoyed a good relationship with them during the time that we were licensing content to them. But we were licensing very valuable content, content that we felt we absolutely needed.”

Iger has made similar comments since rejoining the company, including last month at a conference hosted by Wall Street firm Morgan Stanley. In offering context for the streaming run, Iger noted that having exclusivity to many tentpoles led to early demand for Disney+, which reached 100 million subscribers just 16 months after launching in November 2019. “We’re proud of our track record, although we realize that we have challenges ahead of us, namely achieving profitability,” said Iger. “We are not looking to license our core Marvel, Disney, Pixar or Star Wars products to third parties. We will occasionally consider licensing other products to third parties.”

The shareholder meeting was Iger’s first since he joined the management team again as managing director in November last year. He kicked it off with a tour of the company’s theme park plans and also introduced a clip from Dwayne Johnson announcing a live-action version of Moana. Iger also hit back at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who has been at odds with the company over control of the land surrounding Disney World in the Orlando area.

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