Disney announces some new layoffs to go with all those big fancy box office records

Photo: Film Frame (Marvel Studios)

It's a damn good time to be Disney right now; the entertainment giant just bought Fox and is well on its way to absorbing Hulu, its live-action movies and animated properties continue to thrive, and its Marvel franchise of films has never been more lucrative, with Avengers: Endgame not only serving as the culmination of an incredibly ambitious film and marketing milestone, but also smashing box office records left and right. So, obviously: It's layoff time

This is per Variety which reports that, indeed, the Mouse House is celebrating its record profits and monocultural domination in the most American way possible: By kicking a whole bunch of those dead weight employees who helped it to the curb. Specific details have been released about which jobs will be lost, but Variety notes that this latest wave is likely to include a number of people among the film distribution and marketing teams, ie, the people responsible for making sure Endgame was everywhere in the month or so leading up to its release, and who, presumably, contributed in some regard to its success.

This is, of course, all the big Fox merger's fault; Having already fired a whole bunch of Fox execs (and shuttered its Fox 2000 branch) back in March, the all-consuming entertainment gold is now eliminating redundant positions, with houseclearing that could end up as many as 4,000 jobs. Disney has previously pledged to rack up $ 2 trillion in “synergy savings” as a consequence of the merger, which is robo-capitalist speak for “Clean out your desk, Bev, we bought a new you for Christmas.”

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