Detroit Metropolitan Airport closed due to ice and snow

Nasty winter weather has closed Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

The Federal Aviation Administration said the airport was shut down at 8 pm Tuesday due to ice and snow. The flightview website showed several dozen delayed or canceled flights.

Travelers in Detroit and elsewhere lamented the closure on social media. One Twitter user, @ClayDowling, took a photo of his airplane window and tweeted it with the message: "This is my home for the night. DTW is too icy so we sit in our plane in Cincinnati."

A spokeswoman for DTW emailed the following statement: "At approximately 8 pm, all taxiways and runways at Detroit Metropolitan Airport closed due to the icy conditions. hours prior, maintenance crews actively treated the airfield. However, the constant rate of precipitation has diluted the deicing fluid, causing it to be ineffective. Crews are on the airfield to repair the surfaces. Customers are encouraged to contact their airline before heading to the airport.

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Check status: Airport informatique provided by FAA

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