Detective Pikachu's co-authors said the detective spikachu theme was settled before they became involved

It is very clear that Pokemon Co. wanted to turn Detective Pikachu into a movie right from the start. In an interview with, co-author Benji Samit said Detective Pikachu as a topic was picked before they were involved.

"When we first got involved, Detective Pikachu was already there. I think some of these conversations happened to us. Detective Pikachu is what Legendary and Pokemon Company agreed on. If we were to make a live action Pokemon movie, It needs to be different. It needs a reason to exist. We don't just want to remake movies we've already seen before.

I think they rightly believed this weird game that most people weren't familiar with was actually a very cool one Things to see in live action Ryme City and Pokemon and people living together are such a filmy thing [and] that was what they wanted to do from very early on. When we first heard about it, we were like: & # 39; Yes it sounds good! & # 39; "

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