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Delta passengers explode the airline after sitting in the dog's bag on airplanes

"It was so disgusting, so disgusting."

Meehan said the Delta airplanes gave him two paper towels and a bottle of Bombay Safir Gin to clean his shoes and suit. [1

9659003]" It was so bad, I had no way to adequately clean it up, "he said. (Meehan has posted a photo of his dirty shoes on his Facebook page.)

Delta said that stool was left by a bad service dog on a previous flight.

In a statement to CNBC, asked for the airline company for the incident and said: "Delta has issued a refund and additional compensation to the customer affected by this incident. The safety and health of our customers and employees is our top priority, and we conduct a full survey while following up the right laws to prevent this from happening again. On landing in Miami, the aircraft was discontinued to be deeply cleaned and disinfected further. "

This excuse is not enough for Meehan. He wants Delta to explain why the flight crew failed to respond adequately to the situation when he first sat down and went into stools, for example, he said that it took more passengers who needed the pipe was cleaned up before a service mission came on board. Even then, Meehan said that the clearance was not sufficient.

"There was still stools in the carpet and stools under my seat. We took blankets to cover the floor and cover the seat, "he said. Delta says that it was unable to clean up the mess. It says that the cleaning staff have used a disinfectant to clean the area on the floor and place before the aircraft got off. 19659003] Meehan says that Delta has offered to compensate him with up to 50,000 frequent flyer miles and pay for new shoes and a new suit. Meehan has not yet accepted Delta's offer. He says that the airline owes him an explanation of how it mishandled the situation .

"I bought an air ticket and you allowed me to sit and party in a pet for two hours. Shame on you, "he said." I'm a million miler, and so do you treat me? "

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