Delta Airlines flight diverted after unruly passenger breaks loose from restraints


June 4, 2023 | 05:25

Passengers on a Delta Airlines flight jumped into action when a restrained, unruly traveler ̵[ads1]1; described as “violent” – went on the loose, causing mid-air pandemonium.

The international flight that went from Paris to Detroit, Mich. was diverted to a Canadian airport after a 34-year-old passenger began instilling fear in fellow travelers and airline crew on Friday morning, according to a report.

“There were some who were violent and they would not calm down. We wanted to get here as soon as possible. It was scary for a little while,” passenger Dena Haddad told WXYZ Detroit.

The unidentified man’s behavior was reportedly so erratic that airline staff restrained him.

Nicolas Fougere, a passenger aboard the flight, told Fox 2 his seatmate saw the suspect and another traveler arguing before he was restrained by the crew.

The unidentified suspect is seen being escorted off the Delta flight by police.
Facebook/Randy Alexander

“The person sitting next to me had tried to go to the toilet – and she saw two people arguing. She was told by the crew to go to another bathroom,” she said.

The suspect broke free from the initial restraints before the plane touched down, only to be tackled by five to six other passengers until they made the emergency landing, according to the release.

The plane – which was carrying 261 passengers – made an emergency landing at Stephenville Dymond Airport in Newfoundland, Canada six hours into the trip, according to FlightAware.

The unruly passenger’s identity remains unknown, along with the charges he may face.
Facebook/Randy Alexander

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Customs quickly arrested the suspect.

“What am I under arrest for?” the suspect asked officers as he was escorted off the plane in footage captured on board that was shared online.

A local in the area, Randy Alexander, took pictures of the unidentified suspect being escorted off the plane by Canadian authorities.

The allegedly unruly passenger is seen in cuffs being taken down the plane by the police.
Youtube/WXYZ TV

Delta Airlines issued a statement condemning the passenger’s erratic behavior on their flight.
Youtube/WXYZ TV

Delta Flight 97 finally left Stephenville and landed in Detroit on Friday afternoon.

The Post contacted the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Stephenville for additional information.

“He was ready to throw up. The whole back of the plane was interacting with him,” another passenger told WXYZ.

Delta Airlines condemned the incident and said it has “zero tolerance” for the suspect’s behavior.

“Unruly behaviour, particularly when it potentially compromises the safety of our customers and flight crew. This unruly customer was removed in Stephenville, Newfoundland and Labrador, and taken into custody by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the statement said.

Last month, a man on an Asiana Airlines flight bound for Daegu, South Korea, opened the plane door mid-air – telling authorities he was “uncomfortable”.

In March, a passenger on a Delta Airlines flight in Los Angeles was arrested after accidentally opening the emergency exit door and activating the emergency slide before takeoff.

“When we got to Canada and saw the police cars, we felt safe and sound,” said another passenger on the terrifying flight from Paris to Detroit to the outlet.

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