Dallas Cowboys: Gerald McCoy and Cowboys may be "disastrous" interconnection for conflicting offenses, according to Pro Football Focus

Six-time Pro Bowler Gerald McCoy is free to sign with any team after Tampa Bay Buccaneers has divorced on May 20 instead of paying him $ 13 million for the 2019 season.

I Nine seasons with Bucs, McCoy piled up 54.5 sacks in 123 games. He has not had a season with less than six sacks since 2012. And with his release he became official, defensive tackle immediately became one of the most productive defenses available on the free agent market.

McCoy has said he will play for a performer . And according to Mary Kay Cabot of he has already visited Cleveland Browns and has visits scheduled with the Baltimore Ravens.

But could the Dallas Cowboys be a good home for its services?

Defensive tackle was a position Cowboys wanted to improve this offseason. The team feels like it has done so by making Trysten Hill and adding Christian Covington to the free agency. But should the cowboys still consider bringing the veteran in?

Pro Football Focus recently called some good landing spots for McCoy, and the cowboys were one of the possible destinations. Here's what PFF's Mark Chichester had to say about the McCoy-Dallas opportunity:

"The combination of McCoy and Cowboy's defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli has the potential to be disastrous for conflicting offenses, penetrating, attacking up and playing, and McCoy will bring a skill that allows him to do just that. The cowboys are already in the season with one of the league's best defense on paper, they have stars on linebacker and in high school, but outside DeMarcus Lawrence, pass-rush looks relatively weak Pairing McCoy with Lawrence wanted to change it. "

On the other hand, he explained in a recent live chat with SportsDays Jon Machota why Cowboys" Other round draft choices are the reason why McCoy does not really make sense .

"Had they gone security [in Round 2] as many of us thought they would, McCoy would make lots of feel. But that doesn't happen now, says Machota. "He's better than Trysten Hill, but Cowboys doesn't want to take snaps from the player they think might be their starting techno-tech DT in the future." [19659003] "And then it's just the fact that as much as the cowboys are connected to these names, when do they ever write them?"

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