On Friday, social media users said they were having trouble seeing paychecks and direct deposits in their Wells Fargo online and mobile bank accounts one day after the bank had a major outbreak.

Widespread technical difficulties hit Wells Fargo's online banking and mobile app Thursday after a power shutdown caused after smoke was recorded in a data center in Shoreview, Minn. Outside of some cyber security incident, the bank said.

At the end of Thursday, Wells Fargo said in a statement that ATM services had been restored, and mobile and online banking were "operational" with the exception of some features, such as consumer credit cards and mortgages.

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Wells Fargo did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Friday's issues.

However, no customers were reported on the direct payment of paycheck on Friday.

"My check is not in my account #WellsFargo," Twitter uses @_MinaDan wrote.

"I didn't get my direct deposit bc Wells Fargo's garbage," Twitter uses @ unfortunvteF wrote.

] Some Twitter users said to call 1 ( 800) 869-3557 provided a correct, updated balance. But others reported having trouble getting to Wells Fargo customer service.

"OK @ WellsFargo when your" contained problem "is resolved, I will move every account I have with Wells Fargo elsewhere. Mason jar in the backyard seems like a much better option at this time. #DontFWithMyMoney," Twitter uses @ ILoveMyRicky10 wrote.

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