Current Tesla Model 3 Options – Your Guide (For Now)

27. April 2019 by Guest Contributor

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By Blane Erwin, Current Automotive *

Note: Prices shown here may change, so if you are in the market for a Model 3, this handy guide can help – but it is always important to check directly with Tesla for those latest updates.

Tesla Model 3. Photo by Kyle Field / CleanTechnica

After Tesla's Q1 revenue call, the official $ 35,000 Model 3 Standard Range option will continue. However, it will no longer be available on the Tesla website. The option is now only available as an "off-menu" item – customers need to call or go into a Tesla store to order these cars.

Customers who receive standard car deliveries have happily discovered more features than they might have expected earlier – instead of getting the base interior trim, they receive software limited versions of the partial premium interior.

That means they get premium seat material and power adjustable seats, but will not be able to access other features like the seat heaters.

"Like other software-limited vehicles that were produced earlier, Standard customers will be able to upgrade to a Standard Plus at any time," Tesla said in a blog post announcing the changes.

In addition, all model 3s (ordered after April 11) now come with the Autopilot standard, although it comes with a small price increase for non-functioning cars.

Today, model 3s comes with only two interior options: loti premium and premium. Here is a summary of what you get with them …

The split prize and premium interior are very close to what is available. The big difference is the sound system. Although all the details are not yet about how the two systems are different, comparisons have been made by people who own both cars.

The video below, by YouTuber Daniel Spalding, compares the two audio systems. He shows that the partial premium interior does not have an amplifier or subwoofer on the back of the car where the premium interior typically does. It is also clear that partial premium interiors do not have submersive sound enabled, although Tesla lists it on their website.

YouTube: Daniel Spalding 19659009] The premium interior also maintains an exclusive hold on internet streaming in car and Tesla satellite map and navigation system using live traffic data.

Buyers cannot mix and match interior trim with battery and performance levels, however – each version of the car comes with a set of interior trim. Take a look at the table under …

Finally, there are four choices to choose from. These include paint color, wheel style, interior color and Full Self Driving. [Note:FullSelfDriving-pricingersatttilåøkeca$1000den10maiifåg Elon Musk on Twitter .]

At this stage it is possible to add $ 9,500 in alternatives to a model 3. When you factor in Tesla & # 39; With a $ 1,200 travel tax, it's possible to turn the $ 39,500 Model 3 Standard Range Plus into a vehicle that costs over $ 50,000.

It can be difficult to keep track of all the customizations that Tesla does in its vehicle range, and price changes on new cars can make it difficult to track the value of used cars. When looking for a model 3, one has to keep options such as interior trim and autopilot in mind.

Tesla's changes in autopilot functionality, along with interruptions of popular model 3 models, such as Mid Range and Long Range rear wheel drive, mean that

* Current Automotive, launched by two former Tesla employees, is an American car dealer that focuses exclusively on used electric cars.

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