Cub Foods asks customers not to carry guns openly

When the safety and well-being of the customers say the safety and well-being of the customers, the customers ask not to carry firearms openly in their stores.

The announcement was made Saturday on the dealer's Twitter account. While Minnesota is an open state that allows individuals with legal permission to carry firearms, we also respect the concerns and feedback that many of our customers share following the recent tragic events nationwide, the Cubs statement states. "That's why we respectfully ask our clients, other than authorized attorneys, to no longer open guns into or shop."

What is not clear at this time is what actions Cub will take with permitted customers who refuse to cooperate with the policy.

Also in the Cub Twitter post was the announcement that the grocery chain will stop selling e-cigarettes and vaporizers. "Due to the growing questions from the health community and the complex regulatory environment associated with these products, we will cancel the sale of e-cigarettes and vaporizers," the post reads.

Cub Foods is owned by United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI), which openly trades the chain with the Shoppers franchise. UNFI owns 55 Cub Foods stores in Minnesota, while another 29 is owned by franchisees.

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