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Creative ad specialist Lincoln Boehm solved In-N-Out Viral Burger Mystery Denies Publicity Stunt

UPDATE 14:04 07/25/2019:

Lincoln Boehm has denied the viral story was a promotional bullet.

"Just wanted to let you know I had nothing to do with any stunt," he told TooFab . "All I did was find a burger on the ground while I went to have a coffee early in the morning."

"Yes, I'm working on advertising, but it's just a coincidence. I understand why you think it was suspicious but I can assure you that I had nothing to plant it there or stage some kind of publicity stunt." 19659003] He said Helen Vivas was a "wonderful child" and insisted that she existed despite her lean Instagram post.

Original story below 1

0:16 AM 07/25/2019:

The mystery of the New York In-N-Out Burger that went virally has been "resolved" … by a guy who works with creative ads.

Last week, the story of a man who found a pristine Double-Double caught on an east coast street, from a fast food restaurant that only exists on the west coast, the internet, with countless news sites, and generated the kind of free advertising that overflows.

Wednesday the same man Lincoln Boehm, who works as an associated creative director at the Johannes Leonardo advertising agency, wrote a long article for Vice who stated he had found everything.

"I never thought I would have a concrete answer. I assumed this was just a mystery that would consume some of my brain until the day I died, much like the JFK assassination consumed by the parents' generation," he wrote.

Boehm, who has twice referred to Business Insider's "30 most creative people in the 30-list advertising", claimed that after two days of "media attention", he received a DM from a 16-year-old girl claiming to be the burger's original owner.

"Of course, I was suspicious. Over the last four days I have received many messages from people who claimed to be the culprit, but after soft interrogation their claims fell apart," he claimed. "But this was differently. This explanation remained as intact and solid as the actual burger I discovered on the streets of Queens. detailed explanation for the entire trial.

The Queens teenager claimed, he said, that she had been visiting family friends in San Diego and had stopped at In-N-Out in Encinitas on her way to the airport to buy some snacks for the flight and ordered FIRE burgers to "eat in the coming days."

She even had the foresight to ask for suggestions on how to keep burgers as much as possible, and ordered her two doubles with "NO SAUCE, explaining how bins kept so perfect," Boehm wrote.

Her two cheeseburgers ordered her "& # 39" packed fresh (meaning they pack all the vegetables in separate bags to be constructed later), "as teens tend to do.

In the article, Boehm even exposes d screenshots of all their DM exchanges while detailing her story, including receiving credit cards for burgers, flight confirmations, and all Instagram stories from that day. (She was only able to post two stories on the last day of the holiday; practically one was outside the In-N-Out restaurant with an airplane emoji, the other was in the airplane lounge while she was aboard her Strange, the phone's time zone remained at EST time for the entire two and a half week stay in PST).

Finally, it probably ate now the stone coals first of the burgers aboard the plane – took a picture of it for security retention – and then held the remaining three in a bag on the lap throughout the five and a half hour flight.

After landing, Vivas claimed that she was driving after a bus afterwards when the bag broke. She managed to catch the two cheeseburgers – presumably as well as they individually wrapped the vegetables, even though she forgot to mention this – before they hit the ground, but not the now famous Double-Double (which strangely had vegetables inside the balls ). [19659003] When it came to how it ended in perfect condition after its fall? Even this had an explanation: Helen is short. At five feet, two and a half inches, her hands are just 22 inches from the ground, Boehm calculates (for someone who sprinters with her arms facing the ground).

And as if not all this evidence was enough, Helen even had a screen-grab of the very first text she sent a friend who had welcomed her home, saying, "One of my in and out citizens fell in the streets of Jamaica. "

Boehm has since started selling T-shirts about the incident, with all income to New York City Foodbank.

Anyone hoping to verify Helena's allegations must ask to follow her since her account is private . The account has only 16 posts.

Despite all the free advertising, including the second wave of articles published on Thursday about the mystery being "solved," In-N-Out's social media has remained strangely silent throughout. VP of Operations Denny Warnick claimed the company had nothing to do with the rogue burger when it was originally discovered; en TooFab asked if the incident was a paid for viral ad campaign, said a spokesperson: & # 39; Our VP is in meetings today and I doubt he will have further comments. We basically feel that the mystery is solved. But if we have further comments, we will make sure to let you know. "

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