Cramer’s lightning round: Rent-A-Center is a sell

Rent-A-Center Inc: “It’s just a terrible quarter. It’s at $ 27 [a share]. I would still sell it. I wish I could be more positive, but it was a very bad quarter. “

NIO Inc: “I’m not recommending any Chinese stocks. I think the market situation is too perilous and difficult to do so.”

B Riley Financial Inc: “I did do some work with them, and I have to tell you, it’s like every other broker. It̵[ads1]7;s just down huge. And you can pick your broker, they’s all down huge, and no one seems to want them. “

Alto Ingredients Inc: “I do not know them. They’re very interesting, obviously, after what we just saw with [Renewable Energy Group Inc]. I got to look at anything that’s done using any sort of bio. “

Stem Inc: “This is a very good company. A lot of people feel that it was just, turned out to be in a commodity business … I think it’s better than that, but I totally understand, no one wants a SPAC. “

Origin Materials Inc: “It’s a speculative stock … Renewable Energy was profitable and doing a lot of great things. That is not the case with this particular stock.”

Academy Sports and Outdoors Inc: “This is not just a bad market, this is a horrendous market. I’m not going to tell you a stock sells at four times earnings. That does not make any sense.”

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