2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray (Photo: Mark Phelan)

When driving a hot performance car, who needs to be low to the ground? [19659005] Certainly not any Wall Street analysts.

During General Motors & # 39; Third Quarter Revenue Tuesday, an analyst asked GM CEO Mary Barra, how about a Corvette SUV?

Barra, upruffled, responded tactfully, "I appreciate what you think our Corvette franchise is very strong, but I won't talk about future product."

GM is focused on launching Corvette Stingray 2020, said Barra. It's the first Corvette ever with the engine mounted behind the passenger – a mid-range layout. GM should start construction next month, but as the Free Press reported, it will be delayed due to the UAW's nationwide six-week strike.

An SUV variant of a Corvette would be a first of its kind. Other performance brands venture into that space.

Ferrari is reportedly working on its first SUV. The vehicle is called the code Purosangue, which according to a Google Italian-to-English translator means "thoroughbred." You need a well-stocked bank account to buy Purosangue when it arrives in 2022. It starts at around $ 350,000.

Ford said it will unveil a "Mustang-inspired" electric SUV in mid-November. The new beauty could drain Tesla's production of a new, smaller, cheaper electric SUV, the Model Y, next year.

Of course, Porsche has offered the Cayenne SUV for several years, with up to 541 horsepower available in case you are late for football training. 2020 Cayenne starts at a modest $ 66,800.

With all this evidence in hand, Barra probably didn't want to slam an elegant, sports car door on the idea entirely. She ended the question with:

"We look at a number of things as we move forward and we recognize the strength of the Corvette brand."

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