Cook Out employees fired after refusing to serve a police officer

Two North Carolina fast food workers were fired after one of them refused to take a cop's food order last week, a report states.

A cashier and a manager at a Cook Out restaurant in Roxboro were canned after the cashier allegedly refused to take an order from Kenneth Horton – an Army veteran and Roxboro police sergeant, according to ABC 11.

"We are saddened that a employee refused service for a police officer, "Roxboro Police Chief David Hess said in a statement. “We promote unity. Unfortunately, it's all because of a little action that could have been avoided. "

Hess said the fast-food chain took it upon himself to box 86.

" We did not make direct contact with companies that asked them to fire this employee, "he said.

The officer on duty told the network that she got fired for not paying more attention to Horton when the colleague refused him service.

"[The district manager] told me that I should have gone outside and got the officer's attention and [offered] to take his order," said the chief, who did not would identify themselves.

She did not reveal why the cashier refused to serve Horton ̵[ads1]1; only that she was at the back of the restaurant when the cashier asked another worker to take the order's order.

"I only wish they would have asked me to come ahead to take the order," the manager said.

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