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Consumer Reports Not Thrilled By Misleading Navigate On Autopilot Headlines

Consumer Reports doesn't seem too happy with all the misleading media coverage of its recent Tesla Navigate on Autopilot test findings. Consumer Reports article is a bit critical of Tesla's system, but it is very vague in that it does not spell out the issue. CR tested Navigate on autopilot with confirmation and warnings disabled. The publication found this setup to be error-prone. However, the article does not make it known that CR actually approves of Navigate on Autopilot, just not the newer confirmation / warning disabled settings.

Regardless, news broke around the world claiming that Consumer Reports ripped the feature to shreds. Earl Banning CR Jake Fisher Auto Testing for some answers and it's true that CR isn't fund or the no confirmation setting, but otherwise is fine with the functionality of Navigate on Autopilot. If you change the settings require confirmation, the system then reacts in ways that you don't allow it to. The driver must confirm all moves if the setting is such that CR article into a Tesla hit piece, but we have grown accustomed to this anti-Tesla stance so it's not all surprising to us.

You can view the discussion between Banning and CR's Jake Fisher in the tweets embedded below.

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