Comcast Xfinity Internet hacking affects customers across the United States

Comcast customers in various areas across the United States, including parts of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Illinois, reported power outages early Tuesday with their Xfinity Internet service. Power outage tracking service Downdetector registered more than 52,000 power outage reports around noon. 09.00 ET, and most people complained about a “total blackout” of the service.

In response to a tweet Tuesday morning, the company verified the Xfinity Support Twitter account acknowledged “widespread outages in XFINITY services,”[ads1]; as it put it, “due to unforeseen circumstances.” In response to another tweet, the account so: “We currently have problems around the nation, our network team is working hard towards a solution.”

Comcast did not respond to further requests for comment from CNN Business.

Some users have reported problems connecting to the Xfinity Status Center website, which shows where problems may occur.

“Some customers experience periodic service outages as a result of a network issue,” said a tweet from the Xfinity account sent around 11 a.m. ET. “Our teams are actively working to bring affected customers back online, while we continue to investigate. We apologize to those affected.”

The increase in reports of downtime lasted for more than an hour before it subsided. By 9:30 a.m. ET, the number of Downdetector reports had dropped to just over 20,000, and some Twitter users reported that their internet had been restored, or that they had at least accessed Xfinity’s support page to see when their service was expected to resume. At 11am ET, there were only around 3,000 interruption reports on Downdetector.

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