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Published on June 9, 2019 |

by Zachary Shahan

9. June 2019 av Zachary Shahan

The 20 most popular CleanTechnica articles last week are listed below. First, however, I realize some of my personal favorites this week.

I must include my price comparison of the Tesla Model 3 and the BMW 330i, which I find very valuable to anyone comparing the two cars – and was also just a little fun to investigate.

I loved Maarten's fast take on Dutch EV sales in May, and how the country itself could see 10% EV market share in 2019.

Meanwhile (literally) I took a look at US car sales and found many companies to lose sales – while Tesla's sales continued to soar. Random?

Jose pumped out some good reports on the sale of electric vehicles in Europe and China – always worth reading and more exciting and diverse than any other EV markets.

I rounded out the sales reports by marking good results from Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X, Chevy Bolt and BMW i3 in California, in their respective vehicle classes.

Hope in economics and stocks, Maarten had an interesting piece of question about whether or not Wall Street is clueless at Tesla [TSLA]. Worth a reading.

Ans talked about clueless, I reminded readers that Morgan Stanley's Adam Jonas forecast in 2016 that Tesla would sell only 246,000 vehicles by 2020, and would not reach 500,000 sales by 2025. Seriously. And people trust Jonas over Elon Musk?

Maarten also took a dive into the potential for high margins on the Tesla Model 3s produced in China. We're going to see.

One of my favorite articles of the week was actually a simple rant on environmentalists / climate-worried people are cheated by Tesla smears. Elon Musk agreed with rant, tweeting "Exactly" in response, and it seems that many others did so as the article topped CleanTechnica charts last week.

I was excited to report that our friends at GreenWay beat the milestone of 100 EV quick starters in Poland last week, and I also announced new Tesla Shuttle routes out of Krakow (Krakow), Poland last week, a happy coincidence .

I want to end my own personal favorites with Vijay's review of SlimWallet. It looks like a cool product. If I had not recently bought a wallet, I would get one. Well, I can order another one next time I need a wallet anyway.

On the 20 most popular CleanTechnica articles last week! (Note: Our most popular article was actually my overview of the 20 most popular articles last week, but I exclude it as well as the top 20 article in May, which would be fifth.)

  1. Some environmentalists are punked about Tesla [19659024] The Chinese Tesla Model 3 "Super Margin" (Forecast)
  2. Chinese Tesla Model 3 Price Brakes BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C-Class Prices
  3. Remember that Adam Jonas told Morgan Stanley in 2016 Tesla would sell only 246K cars in 2020 – Just Sayin
  4. Media story about Tesla is wrong, facts tell another
  5. Tesla Model 3 against BMW 330i – Tesla 30-55% cheaper over 5 years
  6. Two years with Chevy Bolt – Mixed feelings and a family of grass
  7. Electric vehicle sales up 70% in Europe
  8. 1000 MWh Renewable energy Storage project in Utah announced
  9. Tesla Short Sellers has a horrible record on Tesla Production & Sales – Really fun Tweets
  10. M ore than 150 gas car fires per day – can we be serious about electric car battery fires?
  11. US Auto Sales Down For Audi, Honda, Infiniti, Mercedes, Nissan, and Toyota In 2019
  12. Tesla Pickup Truck – $ 49,000 Base Price (or Lower) is the Goal
  13. Visualization: 2012-2019 US Electric Car Sales (19659024) Is Wall Street Clueless On Tesla [TSLA]?
  14. Tesla focuses on financial stability & production 2nd quarter review
  15. Change your tire! Airless Tires From Michelin, Calmer Tires From Bridgestone
  16. Confessions Of A Twitter $ TSLAQ Troll
  17. I Found A Vulnerability In My Tesla Model 3 And How To Correct
  18. China Electric Vehicle Sales Up To 5.4% Market Share [19659042] Tags: BMW, Chevy Bolt, China, China EV Sales, Daimler, EV Sales, GM, Mercedes, Tesla, Tesla China, Tesla Economy, Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model 3 China, Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X , Tesla sales, Tesla stock, Wall Street

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