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Cincinnati McDonald's worker says she was rooted, fired after reporting sexual harassment

CINCINNATI – When a local McDonald's cashier reported being sexually assaulted by a colleague, the management gave her two choices: Continue working with the man who had abused her or moved to another shift with lower pay.

Finally, she filed a March complaint to the Ohio Civil Rights Commission, she was forced to resign.

The man she claimed had followed her to her car, kissed her against her will, fell between her legs and ignored her attempts to push him away, was not disciplined, according to the complaint.

Hers is among 25 similar allegations recently made by McDonald's workers across the United States, said a Russian news report from the strategic communications company Berlin Rosen. Other women employed by the fast food company reported having been ignored and opposed to attempting to tell their leaders about co-workers who had exposed themselves, groped them, and attempted to push them into sexual relationships.

A Kansas City, Missouri woman said her manager offered to trade a "quickie" for a raise when she knew she was a single mother whose family was economically worn. Another in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, said her manager dropped her to ask for photos of her breasts. In Tuscon, according to one's own complaint, an adult man made a habit of touching a 1[ads1]6-year-old colleague incorrectly and spreading evil rumors as she denied his progress.

Although McDonalds has implemented new anti-harassment policies since some of the events, the complainants will meet with the company's executives to design a top-down strategy that prevents sexual harassment in its more than 13,000 US restaurants.

"Giant companies like McDonalds have tremendous power over our lives and it's time they settled down with workers to create work environments where everyone can work safely and with dignity." Officials International Union President Mary Kay Henry wrote in Berlin Rosen's release.

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