Chrissy Teigen & John Legend throws Miles The Perfect Bear-Themed Birthday Party – VIDEO

Chrissy Teigen and John Legends children's birthday party throwing skills remain on point. Need proof? Teigen and Legend cast Miles a bear-themed birthday party to celebrate their little guy beating 1, and from the video and image his grandmother, Vilailuck Teigen, shared on Instagram, it is clear that the party was a small but fun affair. Because really, every first birthday celebration must be a hit is a theme, an adorable cake and a lot of love.

Teigen's mother shared a video of the family and guests singing congratulations on the day to a confused look of Miles. The 1-year-old rocks a bear cub, which shows that he is committed to the subject. He also has a delicious carrying cake in front of him, but he is not so keen to dig into it. After the song is finished, Teigen tries to encourage his youngest to dive into the cake hands first, but he is so upset that he is almost knocking the dessert over instead. His mother can be heard and say, "I love how clean he is!"

Miles & # 39; sister, Luna, has no patience for the brother's fretting getting lips on his hands. From her perch in her father's arms, she said, "I will also eat it!" Same, Luna, same.

It is unclear whether Miles eventually got his hands cluttered, or whether that honor went to Luna. Neither Legend nor Teigen have shared any photos from the party yet (except for the "All Me" singer who shares a shot of some cheesy macaroni goodness on their Instagram story), but luckily Vilailuck will document her grandson's great day. In addition to the video, she also sent a picture of Miles grinning when he rescued a pony with her help.

Technically, Miles became official on May 1[ads1]6, but it seems that the family held a few extra days before gathering family and friends for their party. Legend has earlier celebrated his son's special day with a picture of the little guy who leaned against a giant teddy bear next to a blackboard full of facts about his favorite thing. The highlights are that he loves to dance and share, one of his favorite books is My mother is magical and he doesn't really like Luna's Godzilla toy (where has a story there ).

On his official birthday, Teigen shared a picture of Miles in the chair with his hands over his ears and food on his face. She wrote on the toddler moment, "I can't believe I'm 1 today! Congratulations on the absolutely best baby boy I could ever imagine."

Since his arrival, Miles' famous parents have kept fans up to date on all their milestones, and Teigen even took Twitter to ask for input on moving his party back because the rain was in the forecast last week. She shared on Twitter that the plan was to have a petting zoo for the kids, so it had to be kept out. She tweeted, "Is it wrong to change the baby's birthday? It's going to rain tomorrow 🙁 he doesn't even know right."

Miles doesn't seem to be bothered by the delay. After all, an extra week waited he thought Must ride a pony , as he loved if the smile on his face is an indication. One thing is clear, this little guy is surrounded by love, and although it's a little late, it looks like his first birthday party was a success.

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