Chipotle's Nurse Appreciation Deal: Nurses Get BOGO FREE Entree on June 4

If you are a nurse, stop reading this now and immediately go to the nearest Chipotle location. Honestly, it doesn't matter how far away Chipotle is, or if you've never even heard of Chipotle because it's so important this is.

Chipotle, the original, delicious and fresh Mexican grill-to-order makers of such delights such as veggie-filled burritos, burrito bowls, taco salads and more guacamole than you can even imagine, offer the offer of a century to nurses 4. June and June 4 only: Buy one get one free entrance.

Did you get it? Let me repeat it to the nurses in the back, or maybe someone who is groggy from getting out of the night shift:

If you are a nurse, you can score a FREE full entrance from Chipotle tomorrow, Tuesday, June 4, for a day only, with the purchase of a main course.

According to Chipotle's website, the agreement runs from open to close, all day long on June 4, and extends to all types of nurses: RN, NP, CRNA, CNS, CNM, LVN, CNA and local equivalents or analogs. All you need to do is bring in an ID that is a nursing license or an official hospital / medical office nurse ID to get an appointment.

What about nurses?

Several student nurses have also wondered if they can score the deal and the official response from Chipotle's Twitter account, @ChipotleTweets is like follows:

"If you have a kind of documentation that you are a nurse to work. -Alex. "

Fortunately, many nurses have confirmed that they have managed to get the BOGO agreement by including their nursing IDs, so it's worth a shots, though you might want to verify with your local Chipotle before you fight the lines – we don't want you to be late for clinical now!

Nurse Appreciation Day

Technically, Nurses & # 39; Appreciation Week was May 6-12, but Chipotle goes against the grain by choosing June 4 as his own official day, recognizing nurses and all the incredible work they do – And we can't say we're angry with it. In fact, you can say that some of us are really, not really angry at it, and may even be willing to queue extra early to score the sweet burrito agreement:

You can join Nurse Blake of camping out on your nearest Chipotle (you can search their website also, if you are not sure where exactly the nearest Chipotle would be), go out for lunch break (if you are able to squeeze one Between playing cards, is, or collecting a group of your favorite nurses to score some free meals – and unlike guacamole you definitely need to slather on the burrito, you can totally be an extra that you want.


Oh, and more note, this deal, as wonderful as it, has a limitation: it's only available in the store, so you can't use the DoorDash app to deliver BOGO burritos to you, even though How amazing would it be? Add it to the box, please, Chipotle!

Also, if you could extend your delivery out here in the hayfields for our landlords, it would also be greatly appreciated.

Oh, and you can also just use the deal once, so you can't go in and order 10 burritos for your entire nursing team and expect to get 10 freebies out of it, even if it would be reasonable since nurses are busy and everything. Chipotle, are you listening?

And it ends this news bulletin, so I hope you enjoy your guacamole and Chipotle breakfast, lunch or dinner on June 4, nurses, you deserve it!


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