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China is slowly posting economic growth since 1990

The world's second largest economy expanded 6.6% in 2018, according to official data published Monday. This is the weakest annual trend since 1990.

Growth declined to 6.4% in the fourth quarter last year, in line with the economist's forecasts.

The Chinese economy has lost momentum after the government's efforts to seek to recover high levels of debt. It has also begun to feel the impact of the trade war with the United States, which has resulted in new tariffs of more than $ 250 billion in Chinese exports.
The weakness has bombarded investors in recent weeks and led to warnings from top companies like Apple (AAPL).

China's economic growth is expected to fall close to 6% by 201[ads1]9. However, many analysts are skeptical of the accuracy of government figures and say that growth may be significantly lower in reality.

  In December, Chinese exports had a surprising decline.

Stimulating the economy

Many other indicators have flashed red. In December, Chinese exports had a surprising decline, while annual car sales fell in 2018 for the first time in about 20 years.
Beijing this month announced 1.3 billion yuan ($ 193 billion) worth new measures to stimulate the economy, including small business tax cuts and reduced rates. It is the latest in a flurry of government efforts to increase growth, such as increasing infrastructure spending and loosening monetary policy.

But experts the question of Beijing's actions will be enough to return the economy to strong growth anytime soon.

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