Chicago picks Jeanne Gang-led group as an architect for O & # 39; Hare's $ 8.5 billion expansion project

Chicago architect Jeanne Gang, whose urban projects have taken into account skyline swaps, the Chicago River Boathouses and a college dorm, will lead a team of architects drained to design the huge $ 8.5 billion Hare International Airport expansion. [19659002] Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced Wednesday that Studio ORD Joint Venture Partners was chosen among five high-powered global teams of architects on Chicago's short list and will enter into contract negotiations with the city. The project is expected to break the ground in 2023.

Investments in terminal expansion would "improve and secure Chicago in the world," Emanuel said. "That's how Chicago goes to the world and the way the world comes to Chicago."

But even when Emanuel emphasized the importance of the project for Hare and Chicago's economy, city officials remained tight on details of how you decided to hand over the project to a Chicago star gallery.

The new 2.2 million square meter new Hare Global Terminal will more than double the space at Terminal 2 at the airport and will include multiple ports, more space for concessions, lounges, new luggage systems, and enhanced security screening. It will allow travelers to move more seamlessly between domestic and international flights at Hare. The city has said that the expansion will be funded by airport revenues, not tax-paid dollars.

"We are an aviation capital, a capital and a capital of architecture," Emanuel said. The investment "brings all three forces together in one attempt."

Studio ORD suggested a sculpted, threefold terminal enclosed around a tough sky-covered atrium. Inspired by the airport's original name ̵[ads1]1; Orchard Field, which lives on in the ORD designation – the terminal's interior will include ample green and nature-inspired architecture.

Blair Kamin: Jeanne Gang's design for a light O & # 39; Hare Airport Born in the Dark Road of Chicago Road

City officials said Studio ORD's proposal scored highest without identifying specific areas where it surpassed the others. But it didn't make the most of the audience, according to a survey conducted during a week period in January, which collected over 41,200 responses, including 10,000 from Chicago residents.

The survey asked which of the five proposals provided the best passenger friendliness and best suited to its current design. In either case, Studio ORD is ranked third, according to a site dedicated to the expansion project.

Henry Harteveldt, tourism analyst and president of the Atmosphere Research Group, said he didn't stock much in public surveys, but still thought the city "owes the public much more openness than it has provided," considering the project's size.

Asked if he liked the winning design, Emanuel said, "if I say my opinion, someone will be disturbed." [19659015] "I think we make an incredible statement about architectural excellence that not only speaks of our architectural heritage but our architectural future and contribution," he said.

The city announced the five teams of architects who made a short list in November and in January the five designs were published. Emanuel had picked an architect for the project – the largest and most expensive terminal upgrade in the history of R & D – a priority before leaving the office in May.

"My own opinion is (next mayor) will have its role to play … They will put their thumbs on other things in this effort," says Emanuel.

City officials said The contract negotiated with Studio ORD does not need Chicago city council approval because it is a contract for a professional service. They refused to say if they expected to get the contract completed before Emanuel left the office.

The other teams that did The chart list was Fentress-EXP-Brook-Garza Joint Venture Partners; Foster Epstein Moreno Joint Venture Partners; San tiago Calatrava LLC; and Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill. One of these teams will be chosen to design two satellite competitions to be built west for Terminal 1. The satellite competition accounts for about $ 1.4 billion of project costs and work, expected to start next year.

Emanuel said he didn't have & # 39 I don't know who came in others. [19659002] U The encroachment process has been hidden in secrecy and continues to be. The city is kept under the cover of the identity of the committee members who make the committee, which includes city representatives and airline representatives, on the grounds that naming them would make them lobby. Emanuel rejected Wednesday to mention the committee members because the selection process was not completed.

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