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CES 2023: all the news from the year’s biggest technology conference

Maybe this would look better inside an actual car.

As usual, LG Display isn’t waiting until the show starts, or even the new year, to talk about what it’s bringing to CES 2023.

This, er, free-flowing P-OLED and LTPS (Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Silicon) LCD display concept (shown below) envisions a bend in the touchscreen that separates the climate settings from the main interface.

In addition to the screens, LG Display is also bringing its “Thin Actuator Sound Solution”, a grill-free speaker made with “film-type exciter technology” that is the size of a passport and 2.5mm thick. It can be installed in places like the car’s “dashboard, roof, pillar and headrests.”

Your move, Sony.

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