Celebrity jewels say Elon Musk canceled the meeting after Instagram video

Celebrity jeweler Ben Baller said that Tesla interrupted his meeting with CEO Elon Musk after Baller posted on social media after being locked in his Model X SUV.

Baller described the experience, which he documented on Instagram, and Tesla's reply in a April 4 Instagram mail. He said he was locked in his model X for 47 minutes after the vehicle went into low power before leaving the suitcase.

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According to Baller, Musk's assistant asked him to contact her about future issues instead of posting on social media and saying her meeting with musk was interrupted. The meeting came after Baller made a $ 37,000 ring with Tesla's name and logo as a gift to Musk. (Baller said he will hold an auction for the ring and donate the proceeds to charity.)

Baller said he understood why their meeting was canceled, but added that the model X event raised significant security issues.

"I will never allow my kids to enter a Tesla again, especially in London, since I cannot risk even 1[ads1]% chance of being stuck while having a [asthma] attack and we are waiting that Tesla's directions should not show up, "he wrote.

Baller said that Tesla allowed him to cancel his Model X lease early without paying a fee.

"I'm not saying I'm against Elon or Tesla. I'm just saying it's not the car for me or my family," said Baller about model X.

Tesla did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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