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Castro: Ex-Starbucks CEO's independent 2020 bid will be Trump's "best hope"

  Former housing and urban development secretary Julián Castro

Former housing and urban development secretary Julián Castro formally announced his own 2020 campaign earlier this month. | Alex Wong / Getty Images

Former housing and urban development secretary Julián Castro on Sunday threw cold water on the idea that former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz should run for the White House as an independent, saying that such a decision would challenge Donald Trump's reelection chances. 19659004] "I have a concern that if he drove, it would essentially give Donald Trump his best hope of being re-elected," Castro told CNN's Jake Tapper at "Union State". Don't think it would be in our country's interest. "

History Still Under

Castro, who formally announced his own 2020 campaign on January 12, said that Trump's latest bad view in polls is illus Trates that in his view that if things remain the same, the only one is the way Trump holds on to the white house, if any siphons of enough democratic votes.

Schultz has not formally announced a decision on his own 2020 race, but Atlantic reported Saturday that the coffee mug seriously considers a campaign and will prepare during the race of a 60 minute interview with Sunday night that he should run as an independent.

America is not allowed to two parties, but over the years, the two major political parties have made credible, independent campaigns for the White House a high order. [19659008] COUNTDOWN TO 2020

The race for 2020 starts now. Stay in the know. Follow our presidential coverage.

In recent decades, the long odds have not cut off as well as billionaire Ross Perot or consumer inquirer Ralph Nader, but neither dared to win, Perot most in 1992 when he drew 19 percent and Nader most in 2000 when he was a factor in several important states. Instead, both Perot and Nader have been lame by the same claims. Castro is now trying to exploit Schultz: a third-party race only serves as a potential spoiler and in a time of close presidential election it could make the difference.

"We need new leadership," added Castro. "And then, you know, I would suggest Mr. Schultz to really think about the negative impact that it can make."

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